I Need A Bare Bottom Spanking

You know when I was young anytime I would misbehave, I would get a bare bottom spanking. Today, I swear like crazy, I wish I could stop and the only thing that can make me stop this is if I get a bare bottom spanking everytime I swear! You know a good bare bottom spanking, The one with my bare bottom exposed over the knee and starting spanking slow and when I would start crying, than spank faster  and faster and harder and my bottom with a bright red.
so anybody interessted? I'm a 25 years old woman and I live in Montreal....
happytapdancer happytapdancer
7 Responses Nov 27, 2010

wish u were a bit closer,I am near rochester,ny

I would love to give your bottom a good smack if it would make you happy dancer. Just 'say the word' and prepare to bare your bottom. If you really enjoy a good spanking just keep swearing. I will teach you a valuable lesson. Are you ready to start learning? I am much older than you and I live far away in Melbourne.

well ur not around here so I dont think ull acctually take a trip here to spank me!

That's too true happytapdancer. Anyway since you're not swearing it looks like you've learned your lesson already. You seem to have a few older male friends. My question is, does it hurt enough yet?

Bien sure, Ma'mselle...I ive in Montréal too. I'll spank that bad language right out of you!

really?? Ur around here??? Where in montreal??

I also would love to oblige, but hey i live in Brisbane Australia

u need to feel the back of my wood hairbrush on y bare bottom i live in london uk but y could e mail me if you want to read about the disipline u should recive

I feel you need to be bent over and feel the sting of the bare hand on your naked bottom so you can learn to behave. Its over the knee for you young lady!! Hit me up :)

Hello happy tap dancer. You won't be quite so happy when I pull your panties down and give you a good bare bottom spanking. I will also give you a few strokes of the cane to put a few stripes across your bum. I used to be caned at school myself and although it hurt I got to quite enjoy it. Unfortunately I live so far away from you but we can pretend!