I Deserved It!!!

Today was going to be the first time in about 4 weeks that I was going to be able to see my Dom.  Due to illness and many other conflicts, we were unable to connect so I knew that there was going to be some repercussions from the extended absence.

I entered his house as I do when I am going to meet him and found him in the kitchen waiting for me.    I ******** down waited for him to respond by placing my collar on me and binding my hands to the back of the collar.   Immediately there was a slap on my left *** cheek!   Swack, a slap on my right *** cheek!  I could tell already that this was going to be a brutal session.   All of a sudden I felt both breasts being slapped with a spade shaped leather switch with rivets around the edge.  The stinging pain was almost unbearable.

He continued to discipline me for my inability to follow his orders that he had given me to follow for the past few weeks.  I knew that I was in for it.  Again I felt the stinging pain of the leather switch on my *** cheeks and on the backs of my legs.    At times the force was so brutal that the head of the switch flew off.   He tried to put it back together but to no avail – so he resorted to using the flat of his hand.

Swack on my *** again!  Swack on my breasts again!  This continued for about 10 min.  I had been instructed to not *** while he was disciplining me and I had reached the point at which I was about to *** but knew that if I were to, he would continue the discipline even longer!   At this point I began biting my lip to keep from screaming and to keep from *******.  He sensed that I was at the brink and started to slow down and lessen the severity of the paddling.

Before I left my house, my Dom had instructed me to insert my butt plug in my *** and find a vibrator that could be totally inserted and place that into my ****.  At this point he removed the butt plug and the vibrator had already slipped out so he left that out also.   I was then instructed to lean over the table with my face down.  He placed a blindfold over my eyes and left me alone.   A few minutes later he returned and proceeded to **** me, telling me that I still was not allowed to *** until he said so.  After about 5 minutes of ***** and *** ******* he allowed me to *** , which I did immediately and many times over.

We finished our afternoon with various other activities that were pleasurable for both of us as well as satisfying for both of us.

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And since you never wrote the other story you were supposed to- must be time again!

Very good.