I'm dating my bf for almost a year, and its no that he is a bad person. but he struggles emotionally with stuff that happened such as abuse (multiple ways), parents divorced but nasty, party girl persona type mom, etc. he never really had anyone super close or anyone who was close with him he wouldn't open up to due to the past childhood sexula abuse etc. so when he met me, and i was nice and gave him a chance, he became a little too obsessed with me like he cannot handle not being with me. he loves me and i do love him, but we are nowhere near each other in terms of affection. and if he didn't have the illness or even if he had it and he could better act or just not be as clingy, id be fine. its just its zoo much i wake up cringing every time he texts me, scared hell say something i don't want to hear. i mean, i love and care about him, but i don't know what to do. he was one of the reasons i stayed home from college because he didn't really want me to go away. his mom doesn't care for me because I'm catholic and he's jewish(partially) and even she probably would not be abel to talk with me about this. sometimes when we have a great date he will randomly cry or ask if i hate him, which clearly i don't. i really don't know whether to stay with him but never know anything else, because we do have happy moments. or leave him. if i leave its bad bc I'm home for college and he lives near me, and he knows where i live. and i told you that he literally said he cannot live without me. and its not the cute aww i picture the future with you its more like the i reallllly cannot survive without you you are my life source type thing. and i am so stressed and its horrible bc i cannot even imagine him killing himself.
sorry this is so long. thank you for trying to help/ i appreciate it
i tried ending it the other day, on the phone. and he literally was driving and hysterically cried like as if someone was murdering him and screamed. it gives me the chills even trying to comprehend it all. he screamed please give me another chance and ill go to psychiatrist etc etc. he already goes to psychologist . and he claims he will change. this all happened thursday and i didn't go out with him since then. but every few hours he texts me "you still love me rite?" "i need to see you" "i need to know that u won't break my heart"
which I've been replying of course not because i don't know what he would do if i said that its over.
i know that maybe you cannot help, but I'm like trying to get anyones opinion i don't think would judge
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please help