Get Over It

About two weeks ago, my boyfriend broke up with me. It was about 5 days until our one year anniversary, and he broke up with me over a text message. One point must include that the reasons he gave me for breaking up with me contradicted each other, not to mention the fact that just a week before, he was telling me all these beautiful tales about how he hated to be broken up, and about how much he loved me.
Breaking up with me has been one of the most painful things he has ever done. I understand that I am only fifteen, and these things shouldn't matter right now, but he meant the world to me. Everything he did, everything he was, was lined with gold in my eyes. I loved him, I lived him, he was a part of me. And I was a part of him, at least I hoped so, at least he told me so. The most painful part of the entire ordeal was watching him, only a week later, enjoy the company of other girls. Not only this, but in my face, as if he wanted to know that I saw, as if he wanted to make sure I was hurting. I couldn't understand what I had to done to make him hate me so much. Or maybe he just didnt love me at all. Maybe I was just in love, and all alone, from the beginning.
But playing the victim cannot help me, and blaming myself for it all won't help any either.
I will never heal, not in my own self-pity. I must realize that people change, and sometimes all too quickly. I must realize that he was happy at some time.
It is not serenity that I need to accept the things I cannot change. I need sadness. I need to be sad, and quiet. For a week, maybe a month, maybe a year. However long it takes.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2013

Aww...I know your pain girl. I've had my heart broken many a times and it feels like the pain won't end, but it does! In the words of a brilliant philosopher: "Love takes time to heel when you're hurting so much" (Mariah Carey) LOL...jk. This song did help me through some hard times though! =) GOOD LUCK