Mom = My Roommate

Im 26 and have borderline personality disorder. I have terrible fears of being left alone and being abandoned. I tried living in my own apartment when I was 20, but the self medicating got out of control, so I moved back home after 6 months. A failed suicide attempt last August left me partially disabled. I had a great job making good money and I quit after 2 and a half years when my anxiety became unbearable. Because of the money, I had a fast new car which got repoed after I quit my job. I had lots of friends and was always out. Now I dont have any friends and I stay at home as much as possible. I used to have it all and I messed it all up and now I need to get off my *** and start over.
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2 Responses Dec 2, 2012

I feel wrong reading this. If i knew you i'd do whatever i could to help.
Your friends must of been truly worthless to leave you at such a terrible time in your life.
No one ever helped me with my problems. That just makes me want to help even more. I wish you all the best. I hope you find someone who has the determination and personality to stand by you whatever happens.

I too thought I once had that. What did you do to self medicate. I wish you luck with everything:)