Cheating Sister Is Expecting A Baby With My Husband!

As you all know my husband was cheating on me with my sister for the past 2yrs, i know what your thinking im an stupid idiot for not knowing. So today i went to go and see him to discuss the divorce and which we both broke down in tears from the hurt it has caused. Im trying my best to stay calm but at the same time I'm still hurt. He doesn't want to get divorce and wants me to forgive him. and kept saying it was a mistake.

After seeing my husband i get a phone call from my sister saying she was pregnant and that it was my husbands baby, as if things couldn't get any worse :(
The thing is me and my husband were going to start a family after xmas ,im so heartbroken by this and don't know if i can carry on now :((((((((((((((((
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2 Responses Dec 7, 2012

yeah i dont understand how someone can make a mistake for 2 years? its only a mistake cause he got caught.. stay strong and dont let him manipulate you into feeling sorry for him and taking him back..

A 1000 hugs..I am so sorry that all of this happened.I don't know what to say about your spouse, but I also don't know what to say about your sister. Your sister is more at fault.It is not as if she did not know it was your husband. I don't know how to tell you to deal with this. You have been betrayed in a cruel way....twice...

Sadly, your future niece or nephew, will always be a reminder of all of this. Somehow,you have to find a way to be able to treat this child, in a way that they are not blamed.This child is really the one that was hurt the most. There is a huge cloud hanging over this child.
The child will know, and will be dealing with this. Hugs to you both.

AllI know is...if you ever have someone new in your keep him away from your sister..i just would never trust her again. She honestly does not belong in your life. This was a long term relationship between the two of them.They new what they were doing.
Forgiving them is one thing....but forgiving does not mean that they belong in your life,or deserve to be treated in a loving and trusting way...i would be very wary...of them both...