School was nightmare for me. Not because I was bullied all the time, or I hated everyone, or because I would've been voted most likely to kill everyone at a high school dance, but because I was bored. And tired. I hated the thought of waking up at 5 every morning to go write words on paper, so that some jack *** can write letters and numbers on that paper so they can get paid, so that the paper can eventually be thrown away, so I can get a final piece of paper with letters on it to throw away, so that I could go home, **********, and go to sleep.... forever.

I don't hate the idea of school. Humans have a fundamental need to learn, however, when that need to learn is made pointless by the challenges faced in life that 12 years of school were supposed to prepare me for, then excuse me if a little ******* grumpy that I had to wake up early to waste my time around jackass and **** holes who were there ******* me off and showing me how worthless human beings could really be.

I don't like having my time wasted. I don't have long to live, and I would like it if living was a pleasant experience, not an experience in which I am used to ensure somebodies paycheck or make some meat head feel like a big man.
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Hihi. We have like so much in common I would like to chat

Sure, why not :)