I Need A Best Friend,bff

Plz everyone, I need a best friend who is in her teens most likely 13,14 and 15 years.Ineed the one I can share my secrets with and they share theirs to me too.I will never let he or her go.
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i'll be one. i need more best friends anyway. :)

OK I also need it to tell where are r u we will be friends and tell me whether u are boy or girl.

Wow all those replys. All because you shown two pictures from the internet..

we are bff arent we ? i forgot your name tho

Im 13 and would love to b your bestfriend.... Im Black by the way.. Most people run away when i say that because they think im a messed up Ghetto. well im not. Im not from USA. Im from London UK. Im not a rich snobby ***** and i keep secrets even if i dont like you. <3

I'm 13, and I would LOVE to be your friend! I would love to get to know you, maybe even be your best friend :) I love listening to and sharing secrets, and I will never tell. Message me next time you're online :)

Hey what's up? I am 15 years old and I live in America. If you want I can be your friend. =)

Oh ok and thanx, inbox me to introduce ur self and ama introduce me to u

hey there..i would love to be your bff..i can share my secrets and you can trust me too..i'm 15...

Ok and thanx

I'll be your friend. :) I'm 14 and I live in NC.

Ok and thanx and am in PA

That's cool. I'm not too fond of where I live haha

lol ok

tell us more about u...

really hun. lol

well... we dont know much about you

I'll be your friend (:

i'll be your friend if you want but i bet will never meet face to face, if that doesn't bother you so be it, you can check my profile if you want to see if i'm not a weirdo, HAHA!

lol ok and thanx

I'm always here for you Hun.


im always her for yuo though
always! friend? sounds epic
btw your pic is gorg bro!!

Thanx and np


sweet! how u going wiht that?


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Im 14 And Id Love too - But Im All the Way In Britain :D

np and thanx coloured

I'll be your best friend x

Oh really, thanks. When do you come online? Give me the time if only you r in America because i live in America. r u a girl or boy? How old r u? Don't put the answers here but inbox me.


I'd be happy being your friend, I'm seventeen though O;

ok thanks n it doesnt matter

umm hi and im glad i added u last night... im from NC but aslo live in new england near NY in our summer place :)

oh cool thats nice u hear

Hey, I'm 14. Ill be your friend. =)

Thank you very much.=) do you have facebook


r u in america

Yah well Alaska.

you send me a friend request, right. I confirmed

I forgot to tell you ma age.I am 13

Yep and lol u just became my little sis. (That's what I call a few of my friends who are 13)

yes.happy to be ur lil sister

Lols. =)

am sorry sis i have to go to bed.bye

Lol Oks little sis talk to u later.

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