I Want And Am Looking For A Best Friend.

I'm almost 20...I live with my boyfriend...and that's all that I have besides my family..I am striving to find/have a friend that clicks with me....I am very strong opinionated and I love to talk.i feel like I'm in the twilight zone most of the time....but anyhow I don't care who you are or if your purple or if you have 15 kids...I'll be happy to meet anyone:) the best friend thing will happen on its own accord.
Mandypandaa Mandypandaa
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 8, 2013

Do u live close to dallas area

No I don't ....I'm like six states away from you in va:(

I would love to talk to you :)

Alright:) message me anytime!

This is me. :-)