Longing For A Bffl

I am 26yrs. old and a very friendly girl.. They said I'm everybody's friend because I don't choose whom I can mingle or talk with. I always make people around me happy that's why they envy me for being such a appy girl who seems to have no problems and worries in life.. But that's what they think because I have tons and tons of it, inside me.. I used to have 2 bestfriends before but my friendship with them didn't work out for so many reasons and it hurts me a lot.. It's hard having no bestfriend because you have no confidante and someone whom you can trust what you feel inside.. It's like you're always alone though you have lots of friends but still you find yourself alone when you are down and depressed because you have no one to talk with about your worries and problems. I am really really longing for a bestfriend whom will never leave me 'til the last day of my life.

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i dont think its impossible to find another best friend...i just think as we get older it gets harder...and for some reason, i think at times being a girl makes it harder..bc the way woman are so competitive with each other....unfortunately. when did you relationship with your bff end? maybe you guys just need to go your seperate ways for awhile. who knows you might connect years down the road! <br />
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at least you know youre not alone in what you're feeling! i can be found on facebook under leisa natalia xochihua-hanson

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You know, I don't want to think that it is impossible for me to find another bestfriend because i don't want to limit myself there.. I know, it's haard to build another bff relationship because it should be tested through time & trials but it also depends on the two people involve in it.. Actually, lost of friendships are counting so many years but the question is, is that years are enough for you to tell how much you knew ur friend and how much you helped her through her times of loneliness or at her lowest? I am open to friendship.. Sure, let's meet in FB.. What's ur FB acct, i'll add u.. :)

hey dyosa...i know where you are coming from...i am also 26 years old..had a best friend for half of my life and things changed and we are no longer friends. now i find myself feeling lonely for that one special girlfriend...i have a family that i love very much...but every girl needs a BFF...especially at this time in life...sometimes i think its too late to make a new bestfriend, bc i always thought that a best friend is a relatinship you've built since youth...but hopefully im wrong and i hope i will meet my new best friend one d ay.....where do you live ...and do you have facebook? id love to be your fb buddy if you want!

Hi CityKid! No, I don't feel bad because I know sooner I'll have one maybe not now but in God's perfect time.. When I get there in SanFo this year, that will be a new environment for me because I almost spend my 26yrs of my life here in Philippines.. But I know, I can mingle to anybody.. It's just in the beginning it will be very hard for me since I am new to your place..

Hi Michael786! Sure! It's my pleasure to know you more and be my friend as well.. :)

Thank you, Sutonen! If before I thought I had two bestfriends, now I can say that I really don't have even one.. But in God's perfect time, He'll give me a peson whom I can call as my BFFL. Maybe for now God wants me to learn some lesson alone.. I'll tell you if I already found that BFFL.. God speed to your friendship with your bestfriend.. All the best w/ you guys! :-j

I recently found my very first best friend, and I'm 29. For me it's not so easy to get to know people, so it was like a miracle. I believe you'll find one, when time is right.. I wish you all the best.