My Wife Finally Knows I Wear Diapers And Plastic Pants

several years ago i started wearing diapers again, the fisrt time after getting married, and finally told my wife she wasn't to happy about it. went on for about a week than basically stopped after pressure from my wife. about 3 years ago i started back wearing them when i could with out telling my wife, because i knew how she felt. the need to wear diapers and plastic pants has now becomes all conssuming to me to where i feel the need to tell my wife/best friend. talking with my friends on this site has also helped inspired me to be open with my wife as well. having talked with my friend sissiscottii i determined to tell my wife before the new years and have done so. i didn't know how to tell her that i liked to wear diapers and plastic pants so i just decided to let her dicover them for herself. the way i was going to do this was by wearing them 24/7. i like wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants, that is what i grew up on. so for three days starting this past thursday dec 29 till saturday morning dec 31 i wore a diaper and plastic pants. saturday morning i was up and in the bathroom and she was in bed looking into the bathroom as we were talking and all at once realized i was wearing something strange. she ask me what was i wearing so i got back into bed and told her. we were able to talk about it and she understood way i would want to wear them. she thinks though that i told her because i want to quit and i wanted her to be my accountability. well i do feel better now though because i am not hiding something from my wife/best friend and we can now talk about it some. it may have not turned out quit like i thought it would but at least now i have a starting point to go from. so i will see how it goes from here because this is a continueing story. i am looking forward to this ongoing story to see how it plays out. nothing against my friends on this site but now i have someone in person that i can talk to about it and hopefully share with. for all of you out there who are alone in this life style i say work on telling that best friend/lover /spouse of your desire for wearing diapers and plastic pants. as the saying goes confession is good fro the soul so find that person you can confess to and do it.
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I have since told my wife about my latest diaper wearing, got the same responce. She wants nothing to do with it and does not want me doing it. I am now working out of town, out of the area completely. Living out of hotels, so i can now wear my diapers any time i want to. Man has it been nice. Infact as i am sitting here on my bed with the drapes open i am in a diaper and plastic pants and not afraid to go outside with just them on.

I told my wife and never regretted it.