More Hugs Less Questions

I feel that, having been around for many years now, I have had a lot less hugs than I'd like. I seem to surround myself with people who don't like hugs as much as me. I don't think I'm needy just I enjoy physical contact. Don't get me wrong, I can't stand those people who just throw hugs around like it's the new handshake. I like sincere hugs with people who I'm close to. Sometimes I go for ages without a hug and I can feel myself crave physical contact, I know that just holding hands or having someone touch my face would be bliss. I was once with a guy who told me flat out he didn't need hugs. To him it was just something people do. This to me just seems as weird as guys who say they can take or leave kissing. I will never understand that and would rather stay away from people like this. I don't think it's normal to not need physical contact that is more than just two bodies rubbing together, something with meaning. Hugs transmit some kind of positive energy and they can do wonders for your mood. I suppose people who don't need them have an easier life but I feel they are missing out on basic human experience.

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2 Responses Feb 21, 2010

here is a big hug...;-)

it has nothing to do with you but may be something to do with the world in general. there are too many people confused about sexuality. i was very friendly with one person and they thought i was gay cause i like to hug. another thought i was clingy. and then i run into those morons that hug everyone like handshakes as well. the thing is to surround yourself with people that are mature like you and know you aren't an affection *****, because the ones you are around right now most likely are talking behind your back. hope for the best.