I want a baby really bad before l get too old
donnaxc86 donnaxc86
31-35, F
6 Responses Aug 29, 2014

same here!

me too...all i want is to get married be an amazing husband have a big beautiful family and be an awesome dad =) if this sounds like something you would be in to or up for and want to get to know each other better please pm me

i feel the same way can guys have baby fever too?

Yea guys can

so im not going insane then =) cause i swear i turned 26 an my want for a family of my own turned into pure desire. any luck in your endevor?

Not really :) everybody seems to be having babies & lm 27 lol

Add me to your cycle and write me to make it true now.

U still have chance. Just try more

Lol we are in no way too old but I agree I have got baby fever lately