Something Called Life!

Its hard to explain how i feel right now.  sometimes i wish theres someone tht would actually understand me instead of saying "oh i understand" but to help me.. im mad at myself. i hate this right now..i wanna cry and cry i guess thats the only medicine tht would heal me right now. i am so thankful for who i am but sometimes we havee those difficult moments where you just wish your not you! i dont like telling people how i truly feel cuz i cant rely on them and yes i do have trusting issues but i truely believe in myself but people rely on me and if i back down or turn down on them they wwill get mad and blame it on me. i dont blame them! i blame myself every time. i just dont understand how can these pple not understand. its killing me slowly...
mayehmathers mayehmathers
Jul 22, 2011