I'm Back

I really am usually a very positive guy, but somewhere before the new year my attitude went into the toilet.  I wasn't having much fun in life, I was fighting some very high blood pressure and EP became boring.  I don't remember the exact why or when, but I thought I had deleted my entire profile.  I knew my stories would stay but my interaction with people here was becoming very predictable.  I have a "real life" friend who is also on EP and I ran into them the other day and they mentioned my avatar showing up somewhere.  My response was, I deleted that profile, and they said I should check.  I did, put in my password and boom there I was just like I had never left.  Let's see if I have more fun with it this time and if I get bored again.

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56-60, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2010

Hey so good to see you back,