My Thoughts On Being Postive


I just wanted to share a great book that others will find very helpful.

  Although this following group is for abuse survivors, they have a book titled;  Negatives into Positive.  A fantastic book that can be used by anyone, even if you have not been abused.  This was the first book I read and it helped me more then any other. 

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John Bradshaw has video's and booksthat are exremely helpful.  

As individuals, it is up to us to experiment with the different ways to make our lives better and to find the positive things that make us happy. Everyone is different.  


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i think this would be great

I think that you are also right about having gratitude for everything that goes on in your life things happen for a reason.

I absolutely agree with what you say about how we must experiment to find what makes us truly happy. I commend you for your achievements, for taking positive action to improve yourself instead of self destructing. You always have to look out after #1 for you are the only person you will know your entire life. In the end it will be only you & yourself and that person should be someone you're proud of, that you didn't leave anything behind. Thank you for sharing this

I saw a child in the market yesterday, crying and sobbing...the thought that crossed my mind was, "childhood " is a difficult time for everyone. The child in the market was not being abused...some of the most awful screaming tantrums, my kids have thrown--were simply a response to the word "no". In my lifetime, I've had many friends and confidantes. I've only known one person, who tells of a happy childhood... When I was feeling sad, I'd walk on the beach with Marilyn and she would tell me stories about her happy childhood. The Odd thing, Marilyn did not like her parents. I couldn't believe it! The reason was, "They played Bridge with friends one night a week." She said it really annoyed her that they took the game so seriously...she lost all respect for them....On the other hand, I've known many people with really abusive parents, who loved them and cared tenderly for them in their old age... Humans are such odd creatures :).

you are absolutely right to include gratitude in your day-even if it's something small,we all have something to be thankful for.<br />
though we may lack power in many areas of our lives,we absolutely DO have power in our thoughts and how we choose to react to a given situation.<br />
just a few things I've taken to heart along the journey...