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I actually own a pair, a few years ago my husband and I went away for the weekend.
we stopped at a sex shop. There was a pair with remote, He didn't think I would wear them
if he bought them for me. I did and he had control of the remote. Lets just say dinner that night
was very interesting as he kept playing with the remote and turning on different speeds. The problem
is that he doesn't know what speed it is at or when it goes off, because it doesn't always recieve signal
or what ever its suppose to do when he hits the button. But I would recommend getting a pair :)
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My vibrating panties are latex and very tight. Love them!!!

I have enjoyed it when some lady friends used their vibrator on me so I tried something very similar. I have an athletic supporter (jock strap) with a pouch in the front to hold a cup. I put them on, set my cell phone to vibrate and slid it into the pouch and went out. Friends could not understand why I kept asking them to call me but never answered.

I have to get a pair of those for my wife! It sounds like great fun!!

I have a pair, and have worn them out, and I suggest you carry the remote. My girl carried it, and I was a happy shopper!