Control Me

I have a remote control vibrator (a we-vibe 3 and a cry-baby) that I often wear out to the clubs and bars. It sits very nicely inside my ***** or if I pull it out a bit, right on my ****. I keep the remote in my purse or hand and use it throughout the night. I would love to hand the remote control to a stranger to control through the evening. It gets me so hot thinking about some strange guy buzzing me whenever he wants, all night long. Maybe you could pass it around to all of the other guys in the bar. Last guy with it....
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When I was traveling in China with a sub, I would make her wear a vibrating egg up inside her (panties are verboten). I loved waiting until we were in a shop and she was asking questions to turn the remote on. She could never finish a word much less a sentence.<br />
We were in a British pub in Shanghai and she was stumbling along with three expats when I set her off a few times and then just turned it on and let it run.<br />
The guys kept asking her if she was alright. So I reached over lifted her hem and told one guy to slip a finger in and let the others know what he'd found.<br />
We were around the end of the bar in an out of the way part, so I put my hand on her shoulder and pressed her to her knees. I'd told her before we went out that I was planning on giving a few men to her. After they massaged her tonsils and gave her the cream filling surprise inside the eclair we headed to one of their apartments and she was able to experience first being doubled and then tripled.<br />
After that night she would shyly look at me and then the egg and then at me. I'd never say a word, but she would sheepishly slip it up inside herself every time before we went out.<br />
I can just hear you, "Please don't throw me in that briar patch."

would love to buzz you for a while...then take you home and really buzz you


My wife has one of those. I love to tease her as she walks through the mall. Wonderful article, thank you for sharing. appears that everyone else agrees with you, Mr. - At least they have given their tacit approval. Strange, that.

You really think you can rock my world, huh, Mr? No toys required? Really? <br />
<br />
I don't know boys...anyone else have a problem with that? Whattdayahthink I should do?

I just bought my wife her first rabbit vibrator. Your remote control one sounds fraught with possibilities. Can you tell me the brand and style? Sounds hot. So do you.

Hi Mat - why thank you! Yes, definitely - one of them is a We-Vibe 3 (the brand is We-Vibe). The other is called a Cry Baby (the brand is Love to Love). You can find them both at - best of luck and hope your wife and you both enjoy!

You are such a naughty girl. You need a good spanking while the vibe is buzzing away inside your *****. :)

I think that remote control vibes are hot! Would love to play that game with you!

I'd LOVE to be the last guy too, but you probably should force me to lick out your wet *****. I'd LOVE to get forced to eat out your wet ***** and lick all your juices off your wet *****.

Can I offer you a jeweled butt plug ?

Hell yeah. I'd love that. Does it vibrate? Vibrate or not...I'm pretty sure it'd get me hot.

hmmm would love to be the last

Mmmmmm....I would like that too.

buzzzzzzz ;)

**** me.