When I was sixteen my little cousin, who at the time was fifteen, was living at my grandma's house. I'd often visit my grandma as an excuse to see my little cousin. She was a short, cute, adorable latina. She had light brown hair, dimples, perfect teen body, and an *** that could swallow up a g-string.
I had a physical attraction to her for a long time and I thought it was time I acted upon it. I knew she was going to be baby sitting another cousin of mine at my grandma's house while she was away. She was going to be alone all night with a baby. I volunteered to help, as I knew I could try to seduce her.
That night she and I took care of the baby and put her to sleep around 10. After that I started to playfully flirt with her. Trying not to make it obvious that I was trying to have sex with her. She was wearing a tight blue shirt and some yoga pants. Her *** was so big. Her **** were so gorgeous. Her small body had an *** the size of a grown black woman. It was extremely difficult to hide my raging ***** as I was talking to her.
At maybe 11 o'clock I realized my flirting wasn't working. But I did remember where I had seen some melatonin sleeping pills. I grabbed four of them, smashed them up and put them into a glass of iced tea. I gave her the tea and watched her drink it. I knew four pills could keep her asleep for a long time without her waking up.
Maybe 30 minutes later she fell asleep. I checked her and seen she was completely asleep and could not be woken up at all. I knew that my plan had worked. My beautiful little cousin's body was all mine for the night. Her amazing supple breasts were the first things I grabbed. I felt them so tenderly, pushing them together. I then began to take off her shirt. Then her bra. I licked her perfect little nipples for what seemed like days.
I was hard as a rock at that point. I slid off her yoga pants and panties as I began to feel her ***. At her age she had such a perfect ***, so big and juicy. She was completely naked. Laying unconscious on top of a couch.
I made sure no one was around as I layed her on her bed. I spead her legs and licked her ***** all over. I took pictures of her ****, *****, and *** on my phone. I made sure to grab every inch of her body and rub my hard **** all over her. It made me so hard knowing I could finally **** my little cousin and her not knowing.
I put her on her stomach, lifted her *** up, and slowly inserted my **** into her tight little *****. I gradually, inch by inch, slid in and out of her until I could put my whole **** in. She started to move but I didn't care because she soon dosed off again. I sexually touched every part of her little body as I began to thrust harder into her tiny *****. Soon I was going so hard that the bed began to shake and I had to slow down in fear of waking the baby.
I could only go so long. Her perfect **** bounced around and her *** shook with every one of my thrust inside her. Seeing that and feeling how warm and moist her ***** was made me *** all over her ***** and ***. I pulled out on time and glazed her entire *** with so much ***. I cummed so hard, more than I ever have. I was careful to be quiet as I put her down and began to wipe the *** off her fat little ***. I put her clothes on her the exact way she had them, layed her on the couch, and continued to feel her soft ******* and *** until my ***** went away.
The next morning she woke up around noon. I knew she had a suspicion of what I had done because she was in pain and apparently had bled afterwards. We never spoke of it but continue to talk to each other. Although I honestly will never forget the day I ****** my little cousin Sara.
ThatGayGuyOverThere ThatGayGuyOverThere
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Aug 17, 2014