In Every Way, But...

I have met the One that shared with me knowledge, of what truly loving someone should be like.
I really want to be wanted in every way, but... in only that way she does so well with me.
I feel through fear as though it shale never be so again.

To be held captive by eyes of golden brown.
Beautiful, naturally red lips that beckon to be kissed for hours and a body that fits just perfectly around every part of my being...

To Love shared time together no matter the where, no matter the how.
To Love every bend that is hers for me to be molded to.
To love her thoughts of mind and every whisper from her flesh...

It has taken a lifetime of forty years to find her, minus my youth of unintelligence.
To find this One out of so many faces, this One that swallows me so.
Her face, her smile, dancing through every memory, even those that are not ours to share...

My perception of Love or what I believed it to be has now been, forever altered.
Ruined me to the core I tell you, 'til the day my soul is to be undone...
Happy is truly not enough to describe how I feel to have found her in this lifetime.

But this ache that comes from the distance spread between us now and the not knowing,
What could have been... what should have been...
What I still feel, was meant to be, will haunt me, forever.

She is the storm that calms me, she is the storm that set me free...

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13 Responses Oct 13, 2010

This exquisitely worded and phrased story resonates with us all: All but the lucky few who have found what they wanted and were able to keep it the way they found it.<br />
Here you are both keeping it, but not the same way you found it. If it was not good, you might just be done with it. But when it was so overwhelmingly good, you can't seem to give it up and move, or even want to, even though it grows to be filled with sorrow. <br />
Having been through this myself for about seven years or more, and no one has come by who has taken me from it, I wonder now if it is just that it is so rare, no one will ever find it twice, or if some who could call us out of it by our falling in love with her/him, could even be recognized by us if they came along, n'est-ce pas?

Thank you for revisiting girlcapitol, I am glad you like them and thank you for sharing your words here and your works on EP...

Thank you very much Queen, I'm glad you liked it...

Gosh, you all made my day, so many comments and beautiful ones at that, Thank You, I am glad there are people that understand and can feel what is going on here, it is very hard...<br />
<br />
Thank you all,<br />
Vignette<br />
Chiquita69<br />
destry<br />
WiB<br />

Beautifully written--that kind of love is amazing!

I know it may seem a bit of a cliche ... but to be able to feel deeply enough to write words such as these is both a blessing and a curse ... it is beautifully tormented as destry says and breaks my heart both on your behalf and for myself because I understand how this feels too.

Beautifully expressed. I would give anything for my husband to feel this way about me.... *sigh*<br />
<br />
Thank you for sharing.

I have said, we never know what tomorrow brings, it is true but for now, she is in every space that I occupy but not and that is the pain of the here, the now...

The wrong time and the wrong decision, in my opinion... it seems as though and she has conveyed that she has regretted it on many occasions but it was hers to make and as she also says, she can not find a way back...<br />
<br />

lucky woman..though I can feel sorrow when reading between the lines...why does a love story has to be sad because of such distance and remain unfulfilled because of the wrong time?..I feel for this poem coz I felt that way before.

Thank you, SignedLove, truthfully I do not think the type of Love I speak of will ever diminish but if it is not meant to be, well...<br />
<br />
and thank you too BrokenForever and I am very happy to share, always...<br />
<br />
Ummm, thank you as well LAughingAtU2, neato? hehe

sounds like you've been or in love 8)

That's beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :)