"Connect With Others Just Like Me??!"

I've never known or met anyone yet that is just like me, not for lack of trying to meet like others. I think the molds are broken when we are created and we are only able to relate to others through mere bits and pieces of similar, NOT SAME, experiences. As a result, it's impossible to truly find any GENUINE solace in another's company, stories, or experiences. Unless someone is fully able to walk a mile in another's shoes, forget it, because similarities alone will simply deceive you temporarily into feeling like you are one of the crowd or that you have things in common with another or that you're not alone in this world. Truth be told by those that refuse to succomb to denial...regardless of family, friends, SOs, kids...OUR SOULS ARE ALONE...they both come into this world and leave it the same way...alone. And they were intended to be by design. What does that ultimately tell you?
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CR... you're right about the fact that so MANY people can't seem to survive without a BIG circle, even if most of those relationships are superficial and fragmented. and there are those who do very well alone. I'm not one of them. I would rather have two or three people who were worthy and worthwhile, and for whom I was those things, than this large, fair-weather gang. the gang would be way too much for me anyway.

And yet there so many attempts to lump everyone in their groups. There are people who thrive in groups, who would be lost if they didn't have all these other souls around. I think they're the ones who came up with the idea that the rest of us must socialize to be normal.

fitting in, even fitting into a very small group of people that one finds who are SORT of similar, is, for some people, an apparently impossible feat. I look around me all my life, see hundreds of people who fit into their "circle" so well, so smoothly most of the time, despite the fact that no two people are exactly alike, and I wonder why hundreds and millions and maybe even billions of people can do this, can find themselves at least a SMALL circle of people who are there for them, and for whom THEY are there, and I can't. I'm not a murderer, not a child molester. why is it so difficult for some people to find that human "circle?" I've circles intertwined with circles with ANIMALS, but not humans.

I'm sorry it made you feel that way...it's not intended to make one feel that way or to be negative, quite the contrary...it's intended to be facetious, realistic, and motivate one to think about themselves (their true self), what this life is for, what it means to be genuinely independent and self-sufficient, and to help motivate others spiritually in order to obtain a greater understanding of life and life's purpose so that they might experience a greater sense of peace within themselves. It was also intended to provide some sort of comfort or sense of relief to those that are TRULY alone in the world (not those that just feel like they are). I understand how it could be interpreted differently though...but I think that's ba<x>sed on your individual fr<x>ame of reference, which doesn't sound so positive. Once again, I guess one needs to know me better to get me and my words...I must be way too deep for this forum. haha