I Miss Being Missed By My Mrs

Been six months since you left me and while I sit on the sidelines of life waiting for you to come home, I cant believe you dont miss us as much as I do. Dont know how much longer I can continue sitting before I head to a new arena where I will actually have a chance to play rather than watch this game that I am no longer a part of :(
richardg76 richardg76
2 Responses Sep 29, 2011

I Think By Waiting For Her You Are Torturing Yourself And Causing Yourself More Damage, I Know It Hurts To Loose A Loved One- But No Matter What You Do You Can't Change Another Person- You Can Fight For Them But If There Mind Is Made Up Then You Have To Find A Way To Deal With That, If It Was Me Personally I Would Find Someone I Can Talk Too, Find Ways To Interact With Others And Perhaps The Lonliness Will Disappear In Time, Maybe If She See's Your Moving On She May Come Back To You (I Don't Know The Whole Story Though) As A Lover or A Friend, Show Her How Strong You Can Be. Lonliness Is Difficult To Live With I Know..I'm here If You Want To Talk- Take Care

This Is Really Sad But In The End The Pain Will Make You Stronger- Hope It Works Out For You! Take Care

That with time has become the problem....I am so numb, I have no idea what to do.........should i continue to sit alone waiting for her to come home or do i give her nothing to come home to? I am so lonely :(