Just Need Someone Who Cares...

My worst fear of life is being alone. i was always good at whatever i do studies or work i felt good i felt needed wanted by so many people for my help advice or work it never matters as someone needed me but after i left my work my social life disappeared and because of my family issues i felt it was better for all but now i feel like i have wasted all my life no one needs me now no one even remember me as no one care for me now. Few months back i had watched a movie "Dreams of a life". and since then i feel like i'm also going to die like this and no one will ever realize that i'm gone. This feeling is just creeping me out so every night i just wish that i should be the first person to die in this home.
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If you think you are no more needed, I am sure you are not in your real role and surrounded with wrong people. You just need to come in your real nature, role and among right people, you will feel this life very short.

Hi stranger2005 , you are very strong person . Kndly dont have -ve thoughts surround you. try to keep yourslef busy.Let me know if you want to share somethings. I am a good lsitener.
All the best and keep smiling.

I'm trying that these days n its helping too :) Thanks a lot

Hi! You are not the only one that has felt like that but I found that there are people out there .They do care you helped me that shows you care i thank you for showing that so you have a friend here.So you need to stop thinking like that.You keep helping people and you see you will have lots of friends.

i hope u r ryt :)

heyy :) you're welcome. soz for the late reply i am at a summer camp and don't get to go on the internet! and you can talk to me :)

I fear being alone myself and my social life is almost nonexistent.

I know how it feels if you want you can talk to me regarding anything i'm a good listener :)

Ask them. Ask whoever is at home do they need you and <br />
if they want you. And i'm sure that despite the "family issues"<br />
they still love you because if they didn't they would have probably<br />
told you to your face and kicked you out.<br />
And it isn't too late. To change your life, to make a difference<br />
in the world. It's always the little things that make the huge<br />
difference. You could give a homeless person lying on the<br />
street 2 dollars and that could keep them alive long enough <br />
to get the chance to get more money. You could help out at<br />
the library where by helping to stack books you are helping<br />
a person find a book that is truly inspiring which causes them to <br />
change the world. Or you could volunteer for a charity, that<br />
could make a huge difference in people's lives. And people<br />
would be so grateful for it. There is so many different things<br />
you could do to help others, to make yourself feel needed and<br />
wanted and they are all out there. You just need to go out there<br />
and have a look. <br />
And people would notice if you died and much more than you think,<br />
really. <br />
There is so much you can do in the world if you would just give<br />
yourself a chance! Don't wish for yourself to die because you still<br />
have so much time to make a difference and to make your<br />
life worth something again. <br />
Just go out there and have a look. There is so much out there <br />
for you if you will just take a peak.

I want to do all that but i cant as my mother wont allow me to go to market or talk to anyone she is just an insecure parent who just want to keep her kids as trophy's in her house as furniture we should do whatever she likes but we cant have our own feelings and emotions and i cant leave my house as i cant spoil my family name. My mother had suffered a lot to make us stand but now her insecurities are making our lifes even worse. I just have my laptop and net. I'm all alone no one talk to i was so frustrated that i need bring it all out so i used internet to do so i only have it to interact with the outside world which means outside my home. Living for 2 years in a room can make u crazy and sometimes i feel i'm crazy.

you replied me on my birthday.thanks a lot for replying