Deepest Human Need:

  The deepest human need is to over come the prison of lonliness,
we need the company of others or we will go mad,
and lose our very humanity...
   The deepest human need is to be loved and cared for,
human compassion,
a simple caring touch, just to be touched,
such as a simple hug or kiss, being held to know we matter,
being accepted with out judgements,
we need to know we have a place in the is harsh world,
  The deepest human need is to know
we have the encouragement and support
from our loved ones, without it....
it can be a lost feeling, like walking in the dark with no light, 
   Without any of this.....we will be lost, walking in that darkness with no light. 
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1 Response Dec 10, 2012

It truly is one a need and it starts at about a year old.