Now That Is Just Silly.  ...

Now that is just silly.  Of course everyone wants to be wanted.  Recently, I have craved more than ever for the affection of someone who does not make me feel wanted.  In fact I know I am unwanted.  I am so tired of feeling this way.  At times it makes me feel down, but then I start to think to myself, "How can I let this person affect me in this way?"  So I am fighting it.  I need to move on and make myself happy.
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I admire your strength and hope that it works out for you. Good luck :)

I have had to deal with the feeling of not being wanted but found that my friends showed me how wrong I was. I had allowed myself to feel that way because my spouse made me feel that way and I bought into it. I now am back on the road to being me and I like it. You are not alone and I'm sure you have plenty of friends that are there for you. I'm one of them.

Some battles are worth fighting. I love myself and that desire to be wanted is still here. I guess I am only human. I do things for myself, but I WANT to do things for him and for us. <br />
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We are very happy together now despite some rollercoasters in the past. At times I am completely scared of how I feel, how much I love him, at the thought of losing him and what we share together, but at the end of each day, I am so thankful and we celebrate every moment together. It feels like it is too good to be true. <br />
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True love is absolutely worth the complications.

love is never uncomplicated<br />
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true love is just worth the complications

i have tird the iner peace thing and still i am loning for love true uncomplicated love

The best thing I was able to take away from my similar situation is that finding what I want and need within myself is more fulfilling than depending on another to provide those things. It's self fulfillment of sorts. It's self satisfaction. It's independance. It's BEAUTIFUL! You will truly appreciate your ability within yourself once you find someone who does want to do these things for you and they too will appreciate it. <br />
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It's all a learning and growing process - even heart break. There's always something positive that can be extracted - I PROMISE!

If you find true inner peace, and live for yourself, there is no wanting to be wanted :) Which is, in a way, what you said in the second part of your story :g