I'm 16 And My Boyfriend Joining The Navy

I never new what army wives/girlfriend go through till now. Not as easy as it looks, and he hasn't even left yet? The day Michael ask me out what could I say.. I was speechless.. he is 18 already graduated. wanted to date me.. a 16 year old? I told him you might as well take back asking me out.. cause i couldnt give him what he wants (sex) he said "i wouldn't take it back in a million years.. when your ready, then I'm ready." That day he pick me up i open his glove box in his truck, then all of his navy forms fell out.. i asked him what was this? He tried to be all cute and say "i was lookint at old navy clothes." He was leaving the next day for 4 months.. i didn't even have time to say goodbye.. but, he wants.to.still keep a relationship.. which makes me happy that he wasn't looking for a one night stand before he takes off:) people say I'm too
young to make these choices.. that i have my whole life ahead of me... the way i see it, in my life he is in it:) and I'm gunna do what ever it takes to make it through. so to the women out there.. that have their man fighting for our country.. my prayers are with you:) and I'm proud of all of you. stay strong<3
LauraKay16 LauraKay16
18-21, F
Dec 4, 2012