Started Making Money Now Need Help

Hi I spent a year trying to find out how to make money with my websites and got very lost. I finally found a free community for people wanting to make money online and cant express how happy I am with them. Its free to join andthey helped me set up my first site and by the end of the week i started seeing money come in.

I now have 3 sites running with their help and couldnt be happier.

Question is, how many websites should i set up? I'm worried i'll loose control and dont want to get greedy.

at they make it so easy for me to make money online but i am getting a little addicted...
sandystrand sandystrand
4 Responses Dec 5, 2012

I decided to find one that was almost free to start and would be basically on autopilot
it's at : and only took $1.75 to setup and start. Bye

Yes it's true.. my good friend Tim Alexander

has a new system that allows you to make

UNLIMITED Free Commissions with doing

zero work.Enjoy the cash

>> adwardwong.freecash.track.clic­

This would be nice if it can make a good job replacing income for me and family :) hmmm

how does it work/ make money? I think you should only concentrate on the ones you have and make them great instead of having many bad sites. Of course, I've never done it so I might change my tune once I give it a try.