I am not sure if the people on here are real.
lostnotfound78 lostnotfound78
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What do you mean? The people who send you a welcome message? Yes, they're real. There aren't any robots.

This is a pretty well together website. At first they have volunteers and then they have counselors, therapists, musicians and artist that they offer a quota. They are generally caring folks that aren't here to make money. The website creators and dept heads watch activities and will offer someone a chance w help.

I think the people on EP that have real profiles and real profile pics of themselves are the REAL ONES who don't have to hide behind fake profiles and pics

Yes we are real

Real deal here! My profile is true, no bull.

some are

I know I'm real. Are you?

Unfortunately I appear to be real, what a downer!

Hey lost, where are you from?

Kansas City area

Ever been to New York?

I'm real, if your ever in New York hit me up, I'll show you all the cool places.

😇 please relax and take ur time you will find someone to who is real....💐

I've wondered that as well..

I rink many are look at all the avatars