I walk in the pub. She is there standing in a red dress with high heels at the crowded bar waiting. Though there are women all around ,I know it is her because I can feel her aura. I walk up behind her, her scent immediately hits my senses. Her beauty is mesmerizing to me and everything else around us becomes a blur. I softly wisper in her ear " you really are amazing".
She gets startled and turns with a smile that I never can will forget. No words are spoken. I brush her hair back and a single slow kiss soon follows .It sends a hot flash through us both. A tight hugs instantly follows and it becomes apparent to all around that this is something special.
I anxiously await her first words that follow her laugh. As we stare, few words are spoken for we have shared so many in the past. There is nothing left to say. Without a word, I kiss her hand and lead her out like an anxious child on Christmas morning.
I had weeks to prepare for this and now our time has come. I lead her to my car, buckle her in ,and speed away with my treasure.
We arrive at the hotel where I had been earlier.
it has a beautiful patio view for a beautiful woman. The room is filled with the light and scent of jasmine candles, chilled wine, cheeses and chocolate as soft music fills the air.
As we grin approaching the door, She is stopped and blindfolded before we enter. Her curves glisten in the candlelight and it takes all of my will not to ravish her. So for now, I only place small kisses on her neck and watch her reaction as she gasps for air. For she knows that soon we will consummate our feelings for each other and there is nothing that will stop this long memorable night.
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