To Fly

To sit on a swing and pump your legs back and forth. To feel the air on your face and thise butterflies in your stomach. The simple thrill. As we get older we too often just don't have the time to do things we enjoy. To often we forget simple fun. With cell phones and computers everywhere we are becoming a society of texters and computer lazy. Take the time do something you enjoy. Am going to swing.
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1 Response Aug 15, 2012

What a great story!!! That's very true. Its not that we are mentally lazy, no that's going at full speed overtime ... its the physical isn't getting the same work out. <br />
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I like swinging too. Its hard for me to find a seat that fits my rear. Most of the swings around where I live are made only for children, not adults. When I do find one that fits, I love it!

Its so ironic, when we're young we want to have the advantages of being an adult, when we're old(er) we want to have the advantages of being a child.