Let's Go To The Park

I would like to forget about this week and go to the park. I love going there with my dogs and when there are not that many kids around I will attach their lead through the bars and I will hop on either the teeter totter or the swings. I will start moving my body back and forth propelling myself higher and higher, pointing my toes toward the heavens.  I wish life was as easy and carefree as swinging on the swingset. 

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9 Responses Dec 4, 2009

I too love to swing. I like to swing and look to the sky and just let my mind go. Not that i have one at times. But if i meet you on the swing i will push yout get you going then stand in front of you and watch my naughty girl with her dress on and no panties. No brain but just a dirty mind. Steve

Haha okay if you insist Sean.

I love old fashioned tire swings. I have one at the edge of my yard back home. It is for my nieces and nephews but I get on it often and stand up and swing. It feels amazing.

Cowboy I love the swing.<br />
Come on Unfulfilled.<br />
Tzech, Come on and we will play.

Gosh. you're playground park still has swings? awesome. I want to come. They took them all out here. Something about liability and safety. grrrr. anti-fun gestapo. <br />
<br />
I like the jungle gym too. :)

I love the screaming children as well and their little giggles. I just don't like to feel like a bully and take a swing when a kid could be swinging on it.

Push you, no way. Though I'll swing with you. Yeah, playgrounds are more fun without those screaming children.

Why don't you push me on the swings?

Okay! I will race you to the top of the sky.