Simple Pleasures

i still like to swing. its a simple little thing that actually brings me pleasure. to just hold onto those metal chains n pump my legs higher n higher. going faster n faster. u almost feel like u could fly. the chains rattle n shake when u get a bit to high though. i love swinging w/ my granddaughter who is one yrs, old. she holds on to the chains, n just smiles a wonderful smile. but oh when am on those swings alone, i get butterflies in my stomach from going to high. we seem to 4 get the simple little pleasures in life as we grow -up n get older.when am at the park w/ my kids n grandkids, i still go down the slides n play on the toys w/ them. u r never to old to feel young n free again.

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1 Response Mar 14, 2010

I enjoy this too. I wrote a story too a while back. I'm glad you've gotten to enjoy this again recently!