I'm Definitely Bi-curious, But.....

So I know that I am for sure bi-curious because almost on a daily basis lately, i've fantasised about having sex with another woman. Especially oral sex. I know that I would never want an actual relationship with a woman, just purely sexual....so what would that make you then???? Are you still just a bi-curious girl if you're eating *****, loving it, but want to be in a relationship with a man? Or does that the consider you as bisexual?
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3 Responses May 16, 2012

I would love to find someone who is in a loving relationship with a man yet have a BFF with more kind of relationship with me. Everything about women turn me on and I'd love to be able to explore another woman's body.

I feel the same way !! I never hooked up with a woman but think about it the all time, I love being with a man But it would be so hot to eat ***** have mine eaten by a woman.

I've not had experience with a woman, but in a perfect world, I would see it where we are friends first and then have sex. I think it would be the ultimate friends with benefits situation.