You are All Invited :D Yes You!

I came to EP not too long ago with my first confession: I am attracted to women. I came here with the hope that I would find people who understand what I am going through with open minds and that I would come closer to accepting the truth about how I feel about women. To my disappointment I've discovered that 99.99% of EPs heterosexual male population believe that "Hey guys I think I like girls" is an open invitation for cyber sex and dirty web chats. :/.

So this is me saying Hey LADIES, my name is Gloria, I am a 20 year old massage therapy student who lives in the Midwest.
I understand that loving sex gives me no right to think with my vagina.
We have two ears and one mouth for a reason; I know what it's like to need to be heard and I am always ready to listen.
And I am bi-curious too.
I'd love to hear you're story so by all means don't be shy.
Let's Chat sometime
myhealingtouch myhealingtouch
18-21, F
May 21, 2012