Pie Fantasies

I have this fantasy of a girl going down on me. I really do not like the idea of kissing a girl our even me going down on her. I imagine a girl would be gentle and have soft hands and hopefully know how to please me in that way. I also have a fantasy of tribbing with a girl and dry humping. It turns me on thinking about our clits rubbing together.
If I look at **** then it's usually watching a girl ********** or watching a girl eat out another girl. Sometimes when I ********** I fantasize about this.
I have not had the guts to try this out. I would feel selfish for not wanting to reciprocate. I have flirted with girls and they have flirted with me. One even put her hand on my thigh while I was sitting next to my BF. It was kind of exciting.
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36-40, F
3 Responses Nov 30, 2012

Next someone flirts with you, act on it. What's the harm? Nearly everyone experiments.

Why not have a sexy ann summers party- get a few girls over, a few drinks, and ask a close gf if she can help you demonstrate some of the items on display

Maybe your boyfriend should surprise you one night and blindfold and tie you to the bed then invite a girl over and let her show you how hot two girls can get!! I'm sure once she starts in on you and brings you off several times you are going to want to eat her hot wet *****!!

Hmmm....blind fold sounds nice.

I think so too then you can just experience the pleasure without knowing till you comfortable!!