Disturbingly Curious

While I love the touch of a man, I am attracted to women's breast, like have a fantasy of a woman sucking my nipples and vice-versa. I am turned on by women making out. There is such a beauty to the female body. I was starting to wonder was this happening because I haven't had sex in 14 months, but as I started researching apparently women 40 and up are more inclined to "experiment."
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I am Bi and love both mane and women - I love both men and women milking me

I feel exactly the same although I am younger. I am attracted to men but the sensuous softness of women's breasts have always attracted me.


Scorpio - I totally understand and recently just acted for the first time on my desires. I am in my 40's and finally decided to act. I think at our age, women are so incredibly attractive because they are more sensuous then men. It was amazing and incredible. The problem is that now I have had the touch, the feel and the taste - I desire more.

I totally agree with you. I think I was attracted to women in my youth, but until I got older and more comfortable in my own skin, I tried to suppress it..... until recently when I was having a casual conversation with a woman at a coffee shop who was also standing in line. She was a woman of great perception and sensed the attraction that I was having to her and unlike me, she made it be know that she was interested, but in a subtle and very sophisticated sort of way. We sat and had coffee together and talked about antiques and laughed at the fact that young people in their 30s would see us as antiques. She brushed my hand and I felt a jolt like I had not felt in a long time. She gave me her number and told me we should get together for lunch sometime. To make a long story short.... she seduced me and I didn't mind one bit. In fact, I loved it. We met for a couple of drinks, it bar just happened to be in a nice hotel. After we talked for a while, she excused herself to go the ladies room. When she returned, she had a room key and reached down and touched me down there and put the key in my lap. She made love to me in the most amazing way. It was all about me! We showered together and she told me I had her number and she was going to leave the next rendezvous up to me. I have not called her yet. Like you, she gave me so much that I could feel myself being sucked into her. I am bi-....not lesbian and prefer to keep that part of private life private for many reasons. What do I do !!!

You could be bi-romantic?