Would Love To Try!

I've always had the fantasy of being with another woman! I've gone as far as looking. But to my evail have yet to find someone. Even posted on Craig's list. Nothing! Maybe no woman wants to experiment with a bbw like myself, idk. The replies I did receive were for 3somes. Not looking for that. I want to find a real woman who will let me satisfy her any way she sees fit. I want to lick and tease her nipples. Feel her wetness in my hand and then devour her *****! Mmmm would be a dream come true!
Justasimplegirl1977 Justasimplegirl1977
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 6, 2013

The key is to go to gay friendly places or swinger clubs or lesbian clubs or someplace that will offer that kind of choice not just clubs but events that may offer choices hell the people posting are in the same boat dont be afraid to ask them I've had a bicurious experience and I like it a lot and im discrete with my dealings its nobodies business what I do why would it be im not gonna just go announce it to the world. So just keep at it