It Can Suck A Lot

i know it sounds stupid but a part of me really wishes i could kill myself already. I'm going to hell anyways. the only problem is that i cant die by my own hand. i have attempted to attempt suicide several times in the past but was never able to actually do it. dont get me wrong i'm grateful i didn't do it its just that the pain sucks. the worst part is that it aint gonna get any better. and now to top it all of i am in love with someone i cant be with another reason to not kill myself. another problem is that most people do something like suicide by cop or try to drown themselves or something. i cant do that either.....cops dont scare me for one thing and not to brag but theirs not many people out there who can kill me in close quarters which makes my plan of dying in a fight not likely. people can still come up and shoot me but it seems unlikely now that i will die the way i wanted. this all sounds stupid i know but i never figured i'd live this long anyways. and for all of u who are reading this and either have no what i am saying or why i am typing this at all......congradulations your still sane MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
CaptainJackass CaptainJackass
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 4, 2010

not at all.......well maybe a little. A little insanity is good for you otherwise you end up being normal and like i say "true normalty is true insanity"....or something like that