Sisters Sissy Maid (i Wish)

I have a sister a year younger than me and I trust her with pretty much anything. She was the first person I came out to about being a crossdresser and she was fine with it live and let live. She has been clothes shopping with me on many occasions and has seen first hand the types of lingerie and clothing I like to buy. In one word slutty. Over the years she's referred to me as a ****, a cheap hooker all in good nature but on occasions she calls me her ***** a lot of the time in front of her friends who all laugh and joke again all in good nature. But the thing is it presses all the right buttons for me and now I really would like to be her and her friends *****. One of her friends Lynda is always talking about how she would like to feminize useless men like her husband (he's not he's a nice guy but I love how cruel she sounds when she talks like that) and I hear my sister and the rest of them agreeing and laughing and I want it to happen to me so bad. I have a maids uniform and I would happily serve them and let them laugh and ridicule me, spank me, generally let them treat me like a complete *****. It would be be amazing to be on my knees in my maids uniform wearing a dog collar and lead looking up at my sister and her friends calling them all mistress as they spit in my face laughing at me for being such a *****. But its just another dream.
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3 Responses Jan 9, 2013

God such a dream, should become a reality, if you came out as her sissy maid, but maybe not to your sister unless very understanding

Hi Lucytse,
Nice dream, hold on to it! How about you give your sister the Dog Collar as a Birthday gift! With a note saying when it it to be used! Then if she is happy to do so you are a step closer, also have in mind if its too far for her she will not do it. And its only cost you a few £'s. And you keep your relationship with your sister!

But what a hot day that would be all dressed up and serving a bunch of girls wine and food! And do not forget to show your bum as you bend over to pick up something of the floor!!

I hope you find your dream!

Hi Lucy,loved the story....why don't you sound out your sister in a round about way next time the subject comes up...
even if she doesn't want to she might be able to arrange her friend or friends to accomodate your dream....?

It might be your sister is sounding you out!'s hoping! never know,your dream may come true yet,I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!...xx

Hope it goes well for you!...but be careful about damaging your relationship with your sister,you obviously get on so well with her,she sounds wonderful!...if you have doubts about telling her why not wait until it crops up in conversation?xx