I Need Some Advice Please (relationship Issue)

Hello I need some advice as to what people think I should do. And how they feel about the
Situation I am about to explain. This is what happend the other night.....I am with this guy who I have a young child with
And we've been together for almst 4yrs.he has a 9yr old son from a previous relationship
Saturday we went to pick his son up then went to his moms house to watch a boxing fight
They were having a lil get together. Well my man decided that he didn't know what his limit was
To drinking beer and got beyond drunk while we were there and started acting stupid
When it came time to leave I had the keys to the car because I don't drink so I was going to drive home
I started the car put my daughter in the carseat his son got in too. I realised I forgot somthing in
His moms house so I ran up to get it. When I came back outside he had jumped in the driverseat
And took off wthout me. I ran up to his moms crying worried something bad might happen bcus he was berligerently
Drunk wayyyyyyyyy past the legal limit to b driving. Came back outside becus I heard beeping walk up to the
Passenger side and just befor I open the door he drove off again.
Then he came back I told him to let me drive he said shut up and get in. So he flew up the road and blew thru a redlight I begged
Him to slow down becs the kids were in the car then I told him to let me out soon as he pulled
In the driveway took my daughter and his son and went inside his son asked him where was he going
He said that he had to park the car and that he'd be inside after. Well he didn't park it he drove off
It was 230am he didn't come home til 530am don't know where he went he said he was
Jus driving around but I don't believe him couldn't call himbcs his phone was no mins
Wen I looked thru his phone after he passed out I saw his ex flings number in there. He tried to call her
At 3am but cudnt obviously bcs his phone was cut off. But even still why the hell was he calling
Her that late if he wasn't tryna do nuthin.and why the hell was he even tryna call her at all????
Today after I dropped his son off back home to his mther. I asked my man if I cud show him sumthin oon his phone
He said yea so I showed him that b**hs number and asked him why it was there and why he called it
And he tried to say oh that's old...yeah right. Tried to deny it even tho it was right there,

I saw it with my own two eyes. And I am supposed to believe that he was jus driving around doin nuthin
That he didn't cheat or try to cheat on me last night even tho this mite soud a lil crzy but I checked him
Kinda but didn't really find anythin but that still don't mean anythin and don't mak it right that he tried
To call another girl.I'm confused I don't know what to do I am on the couch right now
I don't wana leave him but I'm not goin to b nobdys sucker either I love him very much but what he did wasn't right
Any opinons or advice? Thanks for takin the time to read this
angeleyez777 angeleyez777
26-30, F
May 6, 2012