Some One Who You Can Not Go A Day Without Thinking About It Worth It All.

Oh this is so true!
and i know it might have just seemed like a silly little crush but even more to the point of why i am so upset with myself for not tellling him. It really reflects badly on me as a person and that i hate.
We almost had a thing , but almost is so far away from being there , but yet it seemed like it was just in my grasp. But really im not sure how i ****** it up so badly yet all i want is to have that back , to have him back. None of my friends see him like i do and i know this is because i have such strong feelings for him.
Some one who you can not go a day without thinking about it worth it all. That is exactly what i keep saying to myself , yet i can't bring myself to tell him that!

but hey life goes on and if it didn't happen it obviously wasn't meant to happen.
but what is meant to happen then? i can't stop thinking about him and what if he can't stop thinking about me?
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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

I would recommend testing the waters in a humorous way. Make a joke of it and see what happens.<br />
When you see a couple just say "hey have you ever thought about us like that, you know like together."<br />
if he says no then you have an easy out. "just wondering, sometimes people do that."<br />
If he says "Sometimes/I don't know/kinda" then it's a yes. Then you have an easy in. "Lets try it, see what happens."<br />
<br />
It's an easy way to test the waters. It minimizes the chances of getting hurt or putting everything on the line. If you never do anything, then you will be asking "what if" forever.