Regreats :(

Maybe I should have told him how I felt, because.. ill get to that. So I met this boy in Summer of 2012 & automatically liked him, Its September right now, So we stopped talking for a while. We started hanging out at our football games. & Hes a football player, & im a cheerleader, I cheer for his games every wednesday.. So i started to like him.. But hes very shy. So he didnt mention anything about dating or anything. So we talked everyday & i just never had the guts to tell him i liked him, i wanted him to tell me first. He started hanging out with this girl a lot, He claimed they were just friends but when i got to school today, The rumor was he liked her. I knew i should have told him, before he moved on. But its to late.
Noregreats121 Noregreats121
Sep 10, 2012