I have TONS of crushes that will never know. It's not harming anyone but what's the point in mentioning it if you know there isn't a chance. Besides, some are just crush kinda ppl that you know would not make a good relationship just good to have around. I would never mess up a friendship on a hunch though. One of my newest crushes is a girl who works at another location. We email back and forth daily and sometimes yap on the phone. She and I have the same freakin' thoughts, sense of humor, personality... I know scary that there might be two of us right? *giggles* I'd so love to go out for drinks with her but I know the boundaries and I know you don't just run around throwing yourself at people, especially if they are straight and don't fly that route. :)

so yeah, I like someone and will like some more but not tellin' anyone but EP :)

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If I thought there was no chance what so ever I just wouldn't bother at all. No playing with no one, just nothing, I'd leave it and just go my own way. Best thing.

yeah but some people are fun to play with but wouldn't want to live with them... my oh my

Just remember tho if ya want to go out on a date youll have to ask them out-secrecy wont work-lol