Why I Hate Chocolate

When i was a teenager . 17 years old and sister was 15. i was out drinking throughout the weekend . i came home still drunk and noticed that my sister was eating my last hershey chocolate candy bar . started fighting with her over it . i was being a total jerk . she takes off on foot . went to the store down the road . bought me a candy bar . unwrapped it for me . apologized about eating my last candy bar . i grabbed it from her . said all was good and ate it . Ended up in the bathroom all night then at the ER . i dehydrated myself . Found out that the chocolate hershey bar was an Exlax chocolate bar . She got her revenge . Lesson i learned . Never never fight with my sister . She will always win . Love her to this day .
dylanxmichael dylanxmichael
26-30, M
May 21, 2012