I Will Never Have Boyfriend

im telling this story because it really happen since i was in so called middle school and high school people trashed me a lot for that because my heart could not stop beating for some guy that i figured his name and and never will make contact with anyway the real deal was in high school he was senior i think and i was in six grade i know that sounded weird but in the school was going to i nwas mixed between primary and high school on the same roof but diffferent time i totaly messed up he had a girlfriendwhom i was friend with whos sister made my time in out of that place hell they called me on the phone made me believed whatever they want ant in school it was worst i frozed in front of him i dont know it happen but it did my sweater was backward in front him and his friend i made a fool out of me by talking out loud in front of the whole school during fire drill about him and he was there with his whole class his friend looked like johnny depp sort off anyway history did repeat hit self again and this is why i will never do it again and i cant tell that story right now i did deserved did the first time around i was at fault big time anyway maybe i will tell the story some other time
jenny1983 jenny1983
Jul 21, 2010