Church Camp

My first major humiliation happened at a church-related summer camp. There were junior-high and high school students. I was 15. We had those big open showers with shower heads along the walls. There was this really cocky, guy (total jock) that was around my age. He had it in for me, because I was talking/flirting with a girl that he liked(I had no idea). I was tall, good looking, friendly, confident and got lots of attention from girls. Every morning, I tried to stall in the bathroom, taking my time ,brushing my teeth etc. I kept myself covered until the very last second. I couldn't help but notice that all of the other guys had much bigger packages than I did, even the much younger ones. I already knew that mine was smaller than my close friends, but this was the first time that I noticed that even younger guys had bigger ones. It was a late as possible to still get ready on time, so I hung up my towel and walked in the shower area. There were still lots of guys in there, including the cocky jock. I tried to avoid letting anyone see my little guy, even covering with my hand until I was standing under a shower head. I thought I was in the clear, until I hear the jock say "oh wait a minute, let me see that little ***** of yours". I could have died right there, I was BRIGHT red and visibly shaking from being so nervous. He grabbed me my the shoulders and turned me around, "Look guys, pretty boy here has a baby ****". I tried to push him away, to leave the shower area. He held on firm and his friends all started laughing and getting very rowdy. I was sick. They called for the other guys that were finished and hanging out in the sleeping area to come and see my tiny **** also. A crowd was gathered as I struggled to get free so I could grab my towel. I called him an ugly loser(he was not handsome or smart, but had a perfect athletic build and a big swinging ****) and demanded that they let me go. This only made him more aggressive. He grabbed my jaw firmly while his friend had my arms behind my back. He looked me straight in the eye and said that he would make sure that everyone knew that I was a tiny-dicked *****. He spit in my face and look this is a real man ****. He grabbed his big **** and balls and shook them to show me how big he was. All of this really had the whole crowd going. The young guys were acting really aggressive feeling good about outsizing me. I finally broke free and went to get my towel when one of the younger guys took it and tossed it to another guy. I stumbled around chasing them, trying to get a towel while trying desperately to cover my little ****. This really got everyone in on it. I finally gave up, and ran to the other room where my clothes were. As soon as I got to my bed, I realized that someone had already taken my clothes. I wanted to cry. The jock said "hey, lil jim, looking for these?". I felt so defeated that I just layed on my bed under the covers. He came over and ripped the covers off of me. "Look guys, little jim is trying to hide his little ****, do you even have balls? or were you castrated? you might as well be a ******* eunuch". The entire room burst into laughter. By this time, his friends had joined him again, and were holding me down on the bed. He straddled my chest and starting slapping my face with his big ****. He never got hard but his **** was huge, probably 6 or 7 inches just hanging. I started to get strangely excited, as much as I HATED him, I felt attracted to his alpha male status and his big package. My little **** got fully hard (3.75" and pencil thin). This obviously made everything worse. "Look, even hard he still has the smallest **** here". He asked the other guys if they ever saw such a freakishly small ****. Finally, the loud horn blew that signaled that it was time for the first classes. Everyone quickly scattered to get to the right place, while I covered myself up in the bed and cried. I faked being sick, to skip all of the activities that day. He called me 'lil jim', for the rest of our time there that summer. Everyone knew that I was the smallest guy there and suddenly none of the girls were flirting with me anymore.
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Well, at least it uncovered a hidden sexual desire of liking sph

This story very closely mirrors some of the SPH that I endured at school. At the time it was horrible and and I hated having a small ****, but even back then, I got "excited" when I thought about it later at home etc. I guess I have always been destined to enjoy SPH.<br />
<br />
As I grew up I actually embraced the concept and actively seek SPH. The key point is though, ultimately I am in control. I now love having a small **** because the pleasure I get from being humiliated about it being small. It's almost like an infinite loop.<br />
<br />
I have never been happier. You are still young, but if you embrace the SPH and the experience, you can make it fulfilling part of your life.