Cildhood Memories

I remember when I was a little boy around the age of 7 or 8 years of age. It was one of my fondest memories of having fun. I remember going to the edge of the ponde loking for frogs amd turtles and just enjoying this new life I had. I had alot of childhood friends that I used to play along with, such as having a base ball game, playing hide and seek with the little girls or scarring thm with the frog I caught. then there were friends that lived next to me where I used to do a sleep over, that was alot of fun because we used to play board games and play cards and eat nmy friends parents out of house and home. then I recall learning how to ride a bike and that took some time, I wasn't sure if I was ever going to learn because I kept falling off. I didn't think it was worth all th bumps and bruises. Eventually I got a handle on it and I was able to ride a bike.

Then as I got older I started to change my interest from frogs to girls  =) my first kiss was like what you see from the disney charator where the male would float in the air when he got a kiss from a cutie? That was it for me. There was this girl that I mentioned about this kiss and her name was Donna, big brown eyes and beautiful long brown hair and a set of kissing lips that would tale a tower down, ahhhh puppy love.

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well being that young and hvaing that kind of mind set relates to that song I don't like spiders and snakes and that aint what it takes to love me lol

That was a sweet story. I used to chase the kids around with frogs, worms, whatever I dug up that day. Not that I wanted a kiss though, just having fun.

it was what any boy would have done to get her attention, maybe wasn't the right thing to do but its all that i had in my hand at the time lol

Hey thankz ,Thats true,shez got a 3 yr old,but nothing has changed her feelings for me .It really makes me giggle now thinking about I thought y not share it with you guys:)

Whatas funny is no matetr how old you are, the older sibblings seem to think you haven't grown as of yet lol. Sounds like your sister was busy with you in trying to keep thinigs she has most likely done from anyone else lol. great story Misty

Childhood memories somehow never erase.I remember when I was lil more younger,we'd fo for trekking at was the best time we've ever had.All those exploring new places,getting bitten by a disobedient insect.Another insident i vividly remember is that of going to beach along with school friends,just after school.We were absolutely asked not to go to the beach alone.Though we were not toddlers,but yes we were too young to go alone.It was never safe.I was late from school,and we missed the school bus on purpose.After we finished our beach adventure,we were back to our respective homes.I thought I'd lie very smoothly that we had extra math class.But however my sister looked at me with suspicious eyes(has always been my other mother).However in the evening,I went to play with my friends,N there my sister appears.She asked me in a harsh tone' Where did you go after school?' I lied again..N i received a tight slap for lying and not telling her the truth.<br />
Crying n Crying I blurted out everything to her.It was embarrassing amongst a group of friends.she dragged me to home,n told me to confess this to ma.(another music).Well.How did she know I had been tot he beach...? wel wel welll..Sherlock she had been watching I guess..She saw sand in my shoes n theyd never come from school or roads except a beach..:)<br />
I was then given cuddles n hugs by ma and her of course explaining y is wasnt safe..I am 27 now n shez 32 I still remind her of the slap,n she says they'll still come if you act stupidly..!