Something I Will Not Forget...ever

I've written about this before in other posts here on EP, but here goes...

I was 12 and it was the 1970s. Of course, I was going through puberty and was a raging little bundle of male hormones. I had become interested in girls, and really liked women's legs. Back then women had transitioned away from stockings and really began to embrace pantyhose. I was in the 6th grade at this time, and this was when the girls in school to began to start wearing pantyhose. Pantyhose were everywhere!

I suppose it was not enough that I could see them every day. I had this desire to find out what it would be like to wear them. I remember going into my parent's bedroom when no one was home except for my brother and me. I rummaged through my mom's drawers until I found the pantyhose drawer. I pulled out a pair of nude colored L'eggs pantyhose.

I rolled them up as I had seen my mother do. I slid my toes of my right foot in, and slowly worked the nylon fabric up my leg. And in the words of chef Emeril, "BAMM!" It felt amazing. I was totally aroused and rock hard. I didn't even put them on my other leg. I got so nervous as my brother was just down the hall. So I put the pantyhose back in the drawer and left the room. It would only be a couple of days before I would put them on again. This time...all the way up both legs, and up over my erection. Oh my God...what a dilemna.

Here I was...a boy, in his mother's pantyhose, with a full blown erection. How could anything so wrong feel so amazingly good.

I took the pantyhose off and put them back. I was a complete basket case - totally hooked on pantyhose, totally feeling guilty for enjoying a woman's undergarment that belonged to my mother. Of course, I would go back to put them on again.

Eventually, I would also add to the pantyhose. A dress, or a slip. And within a few weeks, I had worked myself up to being fully dressed...all of the clothing, lingerie and high heels. It didn't take long.

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5 Responses May 18, 2012

Doesn't matter what you first put on, if you are one of us, you will be hooked. I have never been sorry I started and I never plan to stop.

Yes. It was the lure of pantyhose that got me started...the key word being, started. I've never really looked back, don't plan to stop, and probably will continue expanding my wardrobe, trying new things, etc.

Yep, that's how things get rolling pretty quickly.

Sounds like my early experiences as well.

So nice to hear from others with similar beginnings.

Sweet story sounds like what I went thru, thanks

Thanks Josycd - I think many of us gurls had similar beginnings.

I widh I had been faster. I wouldn't be married. I'd have a killer waredobe. I'd be lovin every minute.

I liked it. Sounds like me in turbo. Took you, what, a month? Took me 20 yrs.

all trannies progress at different rates