My First ******

It was at Grammar School, and our class were in the gym. The PE master got us to climb the vertical rope which I always resented as I was rather a big girl and hauling myself up the rope using hands & feet up to the roof and then back down on a controlled 'slither' was nor my favourite physical activity!! The master was a young 25-30 yr. old and was well built and attractive, and I and many of my pals took a fancy to him. I started off up the rope and was thinking of giving up half way when I thought: what the hell!, I'll show him what I can do, and set off up to the top of the rope arriving at the top and having experience such a pleasurable sensation as I thrust my body to and fro up the rope. I paused at the top as the climax was still gripping me, and then slid down gently to the floor with equally pleasurable results. Having landed on my feet I felt slightly weak at the knees but soooo... amazed at the experience!! Later I found that my panties were pretty damp at the crotch as a result. I did share my experience with some of my friends, but none admitted to having the same sensation but I do remember hearing moans and groans as some of them hoisted themselves up the rope!!. Needless to say I jumped at any opportunity to climb the rope again. That gym master I suspect, knew what was going on, and must have enjoyed the thought of us climaxing at his behest!!!
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