Very First Time

My very first climax happened to me at age eleven. I was laying in the bath and somehow the sponge had drifted up between my legs. I had been playing with the water, causing little waves and these caused the rough sponge to gently bump and scrape against the underside of my still tiny penis.

Anyway, the rubbing somehow went unnoticed by me until I suddenly realised it had come erect. It had done that before, but I had never associated the erections it ocassionally had with anything. Now however, it had started tingling and I had a strange scary-excited feeling and a kind of tense hollowness in my belly thay was indescribably wonderful to experience.

I experimentally rubbed the sponge lightly against the underside of my organ, and was immediately captivated to discover the tense excitement surge delectably inside my body. It swelled swiftly and got even bigger and harder and for a moment I was scared it would burst or break or something as it had never gotten this swollen or this hard by itself.

I continued rubbing with the sponge, fascinated now, crouched over myself, amazed at the new animal ecstacy I had discovered I could feel. The feelings just got better and better and more intense - I had been shocked by electricity as a child in a small kitchen accident - this was like that but instead of pain it was like agony but on the pleasure and delight side of the same scale.

Anyway, the feelings and throbbing delight kept building and building and to me it seemed my penis just kept growing harder and harder. I kept rubbing and suddenly it felt as if I wad falling off a cliff. It was so drivingly intense I couldn't stand it, a roaring torrent of electric pleasure surging out of my engorged organ to crash like waves of fire over me, a kind of desperate panicky surge of flames so intense it terrified me with its power.

I let go when the surging ecstasies became too much to bear, and hovered on an utter pinnacle of agonising delight for a few seconds, gasping. Then slowly the wonderful sensations of my very first sexual climax faded.

I was fascinated and lost and from then on *********** myself silly - only later I learned that that first pleasure was actually a ruined o/rgasm - I had let go when I should have been intensifying my rubbing to bring on a complete c/limax. Later, when I got more used to the inferno-like waves of ecstasy did I continue rubbing and discovered thay the o/rgasms my penis could make me feel were even more intense and lasted much longer and were thousands of times more intense if I kept rubbing while the or/gasm was happening.

Much later when I started ******* for real (spurting *****) the texture of my o/rgasm changed again and redoubled and tripled in intensity of pleasure vs. that very first time. There is no sensation like a full, wet and spurting ******!

But I will never forget that first time and the delectable, riveting, electric, animal intensity of first pleasure.
boska boska
36-40, M
Dec 10, 2012